What is a WSI Internet Master Franchise?
As a WSI Internet Master Franchisee, you are awarded the rights to represent a world class brand in your region. Holding a WSI Internet Master Franchise license provides you with the right to develop franchises within your area and the benefit of receiving a portion of royalties and additional fees that franchisees pay over time.

What is the investment?

With a reasonable investment starting at $200, 000 USD, your WSI Internet Master Franchise license will provide you with the opportunity to grow your business rapidly and effectively.

During a recession, is purchasing a WSI Internet Master Franchise a viable option?

Franchises happen to flourish during tough economical times. As the recession is shutting many jobs down, a growing number of people are determined to create their own destiny by seeking self-employment opportunities. Small business ownership is growing at rapid rates and entering into the small business market through the purchase of a franchise is a secure and practical solution.

Are there specific skills required to operate a WSI Internet Master Franchise?

Most definitely! While prior franchise experience is not a must, it certainly is an ideal. A successful master franchise candidate will have sales and management experience in addition to an entrepreneurial background, education and experience in finance, real estate and training.

Is there training available?

Once you are an approved WSI Internet Master Franchisee, training, coaching and ongoing support are all available to you.

Will I be in charge of hiring staff?

Yes. As the WSI Internet Master Franchisee, you will be in charge of overseeing and hiring staff of your organization.

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