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Why consider Master Franchising

WSI Internet Master Franchising opportunity offers the right candidates a unique way to leverage an established franchise. Not only will your organization have the immediate benefit of working with a global brand, you will be trained on executing a successful franchise system. You will learn how to introduce and develop the WSI brand in your exclusive territory and how to market to recruit new franchise units. Your leadership skills will be called upon to direct your regional franchisees to the support network already established by the franchisor. Additionally, included in the WSI Internet Master Franchise license is a single unit franchise you may choose to operate.

All this, and more, provides the basis for developing a long-term business with consistent income from franchise fees and royalties.

Our Masters are saying

Becoming a WSI Master franchisee was a natural evolution for me, after running a WSI Internet Consulting franchise for about 2 years for three main reasons: 

  1. it gives me the platform to strategically grow the business and the brand by focusing on recruiting high caliber franchisees (this is critical for a small market like Cyprus), 

  2. it provides the means to gradually set-up a WSI support system for franchisees on the ground ultimately enabling WSI to better serve its clients, and

  3. it offers an opportunity to be more actively involved in shaping the local WSI strategy for my market. Even though it is still early to see the impact that his has had on the WSI business in Cyprus, I definitely believe that it is the right strategic step for my company.

    - Stelios Dimitriou, Cyprus

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